LNG Terminals - Game Changers for Regional Energy Security and Diversification of Supply


9h30 - Opening remarks by Natural Gas Europe, by MEP Antanas Guoga and by MEP Jerzy Buzek. 

10h00 - 1st Roundtable Discussion:

  • LNG terminals - game changers for regional energy security and diversification of supply

[Discussion:  While the existing LNG terminals have been developed by single Member States, they can play an important role on a regional scale providing alternative supply and increasing energy security of neighbor countries. They can also have other important implications and effect on pipeline gas, changes in gas supply contracts, foster alternative uses of gas, contribute to creation of regional gas markets. From the end of 2014 the Lithuanian LNG terminal has introduced alternative gas supply for the first time in history for Lithuania and other Baltic States and other LNG terminal projects (Poland, Croatia) with regional potential are also being developed in the EU. However, LNG terminals in the EU are underused - there is a need to identify and address barriers to fully exploiting the potential of existing terminals on a regional scale. 

Moderated by MEP A. Guoga


  • Ms Monika Zsigri, Policy Officer, Security of Supply, DG ENER
  • Mr Aleksandras Spruogis, Vice-Minister of Energy of Lithuania
  • Mr Jurijs Spiridonovs, Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Economics of Latvia
  • Mr Kalle Palling, Chairman of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) European Union Affairs Committee 

Followed by Q&A session

11h30 - 2nd Roundtable Discussion:

  • US natural gas in the European gas market - prospects and implications

[Discussion:  What implications the US gas deliveries will have on the European gas markets, on the current trading practices and on the existing terminals, also which of them might become the gate for US gas to the EU? How does this impact? Is the era of binding long-term agreements coming to an end?  What are the implications for Europe?]

Moderated by Ms Greta Tuckute, Geopolitika


  • Ms Helena Wisden, Senior Trading Manager, Cheniere
  • Mr Mantas Bartuška, CEO, SC Klaipedos Nafta 
  • Mr Vytautas Čekanavičius, Head of Supply Department, LitGas
  • Mr John Roberts, Director of Strategy, Natural Gas Europe

Followed by Q&A session

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